The perfume was dismissed as being too heavy, too cloying, too sweet and too old-fashioned. So creamy and yummy. If you take off it the tuberose you get Mitsouko (newer bottle). apparently this one used to cost a lot more when it was first introduced) It is absolutely stunning on this woman. You expect lethally Pungent with an outdated ripe civet and black currant leaf urine smell. Trouvez une rime pour Chloé - Quelles sont les rimes de Chloé ? I have the original Parfums Lagerfeld version. One bottle will last about that long! Waaayyy too strong for daily wear. I don't like it, i loveeee it! At first smelling out of the bottle, it just smells like old lady's (in a not-pleasant way) to me, but onces applied this adapts to your body. Flowery, powdery very prim and lady like all around. I would dab two drops behind my ears and what I smelled felt absolutely genuine. I have worn this since 1980 when I was a young student in university. Qui te rêve, This perfume says “woman “ . I've smelled it on others and it smelled beautiful. I finally got to try this in a perfume store with mostly celebrity scents, I was surprised to find it. the classic Chloe is the perfect "sorry-not-sorry" scent for the young woman who has made her peace with inevitably becomming her mother. Il y a actuellement 27 visiteurs sur le site . I first had this is the mid to late 80's while attending college. LOVE it and have a mini Chloe Chloe in my collection. A floral note lingers into the otherwise woody, ambery drydown. Used in reasonable amounts, it could be sexy, too. It reminds me of college and happy times. BUT it's still a very very nice fragrance that sets itself apart from the flood of sameish sweet fragrances. Tout luit ! It's too...something...Maybe too much aldehyde or tuberose, I'm not sure. This was bright and unique. I just got this from my mom. what a treat! poeme pour chloé. Si vous recherchez un poème pour une déclaration ou à offrir pour la Saint-Valentin, consultez cette rubrique dédiée à une Saint-Valentin d'amour ainsi que celle réservée aux poèmes et textes pour une déclaration amoureuse. Not to mention all the reformulation going on these days. I want a bottle! Back when I was in 7th grade and sitting in science class. But back then there was no artificial feel to it whatsoever. Even after many years it smells the same. I had the opportunity of re introduction by a client of mine who was wearing this scent. Le son cède et s’emmêle At first I thought it was musty/soapy and powdery and I liked it fine... but you must try on skin! Thank you Chloe for making this piece of pure art! I'm going to wear it more often now, the edt versions work really well in warmer weather.I'll check out the newer version as well but I'd recommend trying the Karl Lagerfeld original, it is truly beautiful, even for a non floral lover like me. I totally adore it , possibly because I would receive it for Christmas when I was a young mother and wife . that always presents itself as an itchy, awful note and that's all I can smell. What my mother wore in my childhood. Peachy, creamy florals with the tuberose and carnation being rather prominent on me. I might wear this to the club, but even then no more than one spritz. I liked and wore the old one but have not tested the new one. Did remind me a bit of bug spray for some reason. I completely fell in love with it. stridente pour réveiller la caserne fait ici l’action de chanter. It's a beautiful heavy floral perfume. I'm just a little surprised how this scent is pretty enjoyable, if I was to wear this I would put it on very lightly because it could be easily overwhelming. Longevity is pretty good sillage is pretty good. Warm, heavy, dusty aroma with sandalwood-cedar-moss drydown. Within minutes it dried down to a mellow floral blend that reminded me of Lilac and peach blossom. Not light but then that's what a classic French perfume was originally like. When first applied I really did not like this scent. Absolutely. It smelled wonderful, white flowers and rose,and asked her what it was so I could jump on here and see the note breakdown. Decades have passed, and I moved on from these to other styles. When it settles down it's beautiful! My mother was never a perfume person. I wore this in the mid 1970's, one of my boyfriend's said it was so strong he could almost taste it. Some might relate to this: the relationship I have with Chloe (this one- not the new stuff) is similar to a relationship one might have with a troublesome lover. I tested this at the store today and not a fan. A beautiful intense floral that lasts for hours. Cecita is still sold in Brazil, though diluted by many reformulations (it was a very potent scent,beloved by Brazilians in the 80s and early 90s, since at that time foreign perfumes were unbeliavably prohibitive to the population and Cecita had great longevity , projection and sillage). Honestly this perfume reminded me of Charlie Blue and Chanel no. There's also carnation flowers and roses. It’s chemical, it’s super loud, it smells dated. With drier, more floral fragrances cycling back into vogue (my fellow Millienals have become adults!) It is a complex fragrance that I still love to wear when feeling floral. Se révèle, Not dated but definitely different and "perfumey", this - amongst others of course - is the smell of a woman. It is very similar to the Chloe Narcisse I've had but less intense. I remembered CHLOE as being a cool, spicy floral with a somewhat soapy tang at the beginning. Tuberose, peaches, and aldehydes with hints of coconut! Obsession is a scent that turns awful on my skin but Chloe is great. The age bias on this site is frankly shocking. The original Karl Lagerfeld pour homme in its current formulation suffers from the same issues as this one. In 1975 when Lagerfeldt launched the first perfume under his name, poor Chloé had more than her fair share of critics. I’ve got both the original Lagerfeld Chloe parfum and the current reformulated Coty Chloe edt. Sprayed on paper strip, they are perfect, but sprayed on me, do not develop, I feel nothing. Sillage, while it lasted, was good, but unfortunately it had pretty much disappeared after four hours, and that was with two sprays. annxyz, let me add my kudos to the rest. A touch of coconut gives an opaque-ish finish. I wore Miss Dior original, Rochas Femme, Magie Noir, Opium, Cinnabar and Jolie Madame in my 20's so Chloe seemed a bit lacking in sophistication for me. Poeme by Lancome is a Floral fragrance for women.Poeme was launched in 1995. Wouldn't mind taking the olfactory train down memory lane if I could find a bottle of the original, but don't miss wearing it. While I certainly like the Narcisse better this one has a charm all its own and the cute bottle with the while calla lilly stopper brings back memories of an advert in the 80's with a woman applying the perfume with the stopper. She was a tall redhead with an aggressive, biting personality (think Lois Wilkerson from Malcolm in the Middle, only not that laid back...) Rather than notes or blends, for me fragrances are all about mood and connotation and memory. This is tuberose with enough warmth and fruity complexity that it can be worn anytime, day or night. Got this one in a blind buy from eBay when it came as a package deal with the sister fragrance Chloe Narcisse. I highly recommend the vintage minis. Assez discrète et réservée, elle déteste les conflits et privilégie en toutes occasions la médiation. I sense a tiny, little spice (is that pepper?) Nous voici ramenés au réel A ce présent endolori que nous n’habitions plus C’est comme Trébucher Tomber N’être plus que genou Et n’être plus que paume Le petit filet de sang La poussière incrustée là ou la peau s’est arrachée On se demande encore Comment Et pour de très longs jours Être paume et genou… I feel very elegant when I am wearing this, indeed Chloe Chloe exudes confidence, being chic and glamorous! There's nothing like the excitement of road testing a classic. It would settle around in you a beautiful, warm cloud and the staying power was incredible. This frag is no exception, but I absolutely love the nice ambery woody drydown. I might still wear it during spring or autumn, but it is definitely not a favourite and I would not repurchase. I bought this on accident during the summertime confusing it for the new Chloe at a discount store. Review for Chloe Lagerfeld (older version). I hadn't smelled it in many years but took a chance and bought a bottle at Marshall's yesterday. Seulement le travail que je dois faire dans ma tête me donne des espoirs. Some departent stores are actively putting the classic Chloe out for test, and it's easy to see why. Pour la France, Marie-Aude Murail et Gilles Bachelet sont nommés parmi les candidats potentiels pour la récompense 2022. Original vintage Chloe, which has not been touched by any reformulation, is a fantastic Oriental floral with a lot going on. About 30 minutes later a beautiful aroma reached my nose and sticked with me throughout the evening (even after doing the dishes). I had this but didn't like it at all so gave it away. This was too strong for my sensitive nose. What a lovely fragrance. This is very good for colder days, it brings warmth and soft comfort for those days. I recently acquired the vintage 70's dusting powder and it is just divine. Once it did, I immediately recognized the tuberose, and was happy to have even a mini, which is labeled as Parfum, with Parfums International listed as the distributor. It smells golden to me. I really hate it for those who don't smell it like I do. The notes in this blend beautifully, as opposed to the new Choe, which I find sharp and invasive. It's warm and such a magical scent, they don't do it anymore like that nowadays. Lots of negative reviews of this one, but gosh, I have a different experience. Le poème forme une boucle avec la reprise du premier vers à la fin du poème. Thank goodness they have a generous return policy. I was about 7 or 8 years old when my Mom first purchased this in the late '70s. It has a strong presence, as if it is giving you windows into another era. I bought the reformulation for the sake of having the bottle, but the scent itself is hideous. I received it in Karl's version, the frosted bottle, and it smells so powdery and innocent, exactly as I remember it from early 90's. I used up my teeny miniature and eventually bought a large bottle but it smelled different, just floral, no sweetness. Chloe has a bubble gum Tuberose kind of sweetness too it, some may call this old lady or even out dated, Yet, I find Chloe too be quite the opposite I love Chloe and have worn this since the 1970s on and off. Lol!! I'm wearing this as I read and drink coffee on my back patio. It opens with bright aldehydic peach and floral galore. But that happens both ways. Very rich and long lasting. One spray is enough, and even walking through just the mist if your leaving the house too soon. This is my favorite scent, and I wish it was still in production. XXIV Chloe reminds me of a hot, slow, languid summer day in the south, spent drinking sweet tea in a rocking chair on a great big porch; a lovely mental escape on this cold, wet, snowy late-winter day in the north. The woman who wears this is confident, feminine, intelligent, romantic. This is another one I love, as it's another one of the few vintage perfumes that seem to suit my body chemistry. It smells sophisticated and intimidating, and a bit mysterious. I find this unisex. Mostly for sentimental purposes, as it was one of the fragrances my mother would wear (and I frequently stole from her medicine cabinet for a spritz) when I was a child. I'm so glad I found this one. I knew from the color that this is going to be a heavy one. Chloe Douglas est née en 1960 à Londres, où elle passe ses premières années d’enfance. The silage is moderate on me and she lasts 4 hours or so. Impalpable fantôme, hystére et Coriolis, It smells like a beautiful vintage classic, This was the first perfume I every had my aunt brought it for me and I rember wearing it every day I love it so much it was so pretty and just smell like a beautiful woman I haven’t Worn it since my childhood but I may just buy it to see if it holds the same happy place for me. Ultra feminine! Anonymous1399639, le 16/06/2009. Although advertised as very sexy it is almost more of an old classic, grandmotherly or matronly fragrance. Today's Chloe (the one in the square bottle) I find to be just wretched. I wandered into her room today saw it sitting in its box so I took a good sniff of it. A composition of contrasts, in which the effusive note of the Himalayan Blue Poppy embraces the enchanting scent of the Datura flower. Not a bad smelling one mind you, but I swear I've smelled something like this before. I could easily turn this one into my signature scent but unfortunately I´m a perfume whore I can´t stick to one fragrance I need them all for different purposes, but definetly willrepurchase! I was browsing through some open boxes of perfumes in a discount store and tested this one without knowing the notes - to me it smelled heavily of aldehydes, carnation and some other suffocating floral I could not guess right away. I think my nose has changed a bit, because it was actually really pleasant to my nose. It is the ultimate feminine floral . The scent I experienced was nothing like I remembered. in a bad way. You dry down to a beautiful field of floral loveliness, but you are so warm and cozy (must be the amber, musk and woody notes). After a hectic/stressful day you come home and start a nice warm relaxing bath, sip some wine to unwind and let go of your days worries. Or both. L’écorce est remplie de mots et de lettres. I love it! If you're tired of the sugary vanillas of the last few years and aren't into "trendy", definitely give Chloe a shot - you may just find your new classic! What they bottle today under this name is nothing Ike it used to be. It tells all those teen frags, hey grils, this is how you are sweet without being dessert. I bought it blind for the memory of her, and I wish this worked for me but it doesn't. It's lovely. Chloe... You make me gag if I breathe too quickly after first spraying you, but, Oh how I am glad I am patient with you. There's a faint peachiness and the musk is on point to my nose. One spritz on my wrist was enough. A very pleasant, enjoyable scent, just not the classic powerhouse I was hoping for. The main difference to me is that the reformulated Chloe is sharper with lots of buzzing hairspray aldehydes before hitting the central tuberose, honeysuckle, jasmine and lilac notes. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème Dessin pour sa meilleure amie, Fond d'écran téléphone, Fond d'écran coloré. It smells fruity, elegant, strong but at the same time so soft. This one is a classic. Which is always a bonus. As a fragrance, I think Chloe is marvelous, beautiful, and elegant. I found this one at CVS. I don't get the sharpness of the EDT in the pure parfum. Now I see the pyramid - it was tuberose mixed with RIPE peach. Still had the suffocating tuberose, the peppery carnation, and the peachy notes. I can't seem to like it in the new formulation and it lacks the nostalgia value too. It's buttery and spicy on my skin. The nose behind this fragrance is Jacques Cavallier. Mis à jour 29/12/2019 Voir ici une anthologie des poèmes de la langue française I decided a few months after I turned 40 it was time to not necessarily reinvent myself but more like refresh myself and accept that I am officially a woman and not a girl. i am glad i finally got to try this after all these years, but it's not really for me. This one is soapy and knocked me out in a good way. A bit old fashioned maybe for some, but I love that sort of fragrance, if I didn't have such a large bottle of ET Emeralds and half a bottle of Avon Rare Gold perhaps I could justify purchasing a bottle. The nose behind this fragrance is Betty Busse. To my nose there is everything in balance, nothing too much, even coconut, which can be sometimes too strong and dominant. Chloe, the original, is EXTREMELY similar to a Brazilian scent, Cecita, from O Boticário. No repurchase just a fond farewell. I can remember the first time I smelled this perfume. I let it sit on my skin awhile and then I took a whiff again, the soapy-ness was still there but it started to fade and I could definitely smell the Aldehydes in there. I like floral powdery smells as they remind me of Victorian ladies...I wish I could have smelled the other Chloe perfumes along side of this. It's a mature white flowers round smell, its sweet but not sticky vanilla-cotton candy kinda sweet. Some of the retro scents are interesting to me and collection-worthy, even if it means wearing them only at home for myself. Chloe Chloe also known as the original (I’ve been told). There’s something about it, possibly the tuberose combined with peach, that makes it smell a little like sunshine. Poème pour Chloé. It reminds me of my mother when I was little. A delicate and interesting mixture of scents that can't let you indifferent! I have to Admit at first I did not like this fragrance it was too old fashioned for me, something I would give to my grandma, but as the notes started to develop, I cannot get enough of it!! I get the aldehydes and tuberose immediately. I used to wear this as a teenager, so when I saw a bottle nostalgia got the better of me. POEME. Eveille-toi, Chloé, du matin Qui te rêve, Arrache ces lambeaux que le soleil Enfièvre, A cet état de mort vigilante Adopté, Où l’âtre fatigué de ton esprit Hanté Ne palpite qu’à peine, Sous l’aile de Morphée, Au doux bonheur d’Orphée, Bercé, comme une reine… La pluie récente parfume l’air. I finally blind bought it and am so glad I did! Of course, the real artists, the intelligent ones, focus on quality and their perfume becomes a lucrative classic. Dry yourself off, jump into your cotton pajamas, spray on some Chole and slip into bed and let your dreams carry you away. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. I was even a little nervous about Chloe! I hated this scent for like a million years. You either like it or you don't, and this depends on the quality, ingredients, associations etc, but absolutely nothing to do with how old you happen to be. It's a tragedy it disappeared, specially because nobody make intense jasmine and honey like this anymore. I respect and worship Uncle Karl and I love the history of this perfume, and especially love reading everybody's amazing stories below, but this is suffocating to me and doesn't settle into my skin or become my own scent in any way. Here it is an hour later and it has mellowed out a bit, to a more green/lush blend with the floral. This smells like femininity in a bottle . Round 2 for me wearing Chloe and what a welcomed gift this has been! It is so adorably sweet and feminine!! I got it cheap and figured I'd be brave. Aux cieux ravis, This is a screamer. I thought the same, but felt bad applying age-ism labels to a perfume. The flowers are not many but they are fragrant and make a statement. There is not one note listed that I don't like. I have been without this floral beauty far too long. Où l’âtre fatigué de ton esprit Ainsi, Baudelaire trouve de la beauté dans ce qui semble laid. I felt so grown up and fancy ( I was probably 8/9). Admittedly, I'm not a floral gal, but this works SO well on my mom. It was a bitter-type aldehyde that did not evolve into anything more appealing. Chloe reminds me of a fresher less starchy version of White Linen edp. Oh. Maybe just Chloe is too soft for me. It doesn't hold a candle to this original Chloe, which I first smelled in 1982. Later on it was found in drug stores, and still is . Amazing. This Fragrance born in '75 it was already dated in '76. From my very first miniature when I was about 10 to all the bottles I've repurchased without a second thought. 30/11/2020 Poeme-France En mettant un commentaire, vous pourrez exprimer sur cet écrit : votre ressenti, un encouragement, un conseil ou simplement dire que vous l'avez lu. Laisser un commentaire Annuler la réponse. It was like I'd found my long lost soul mate. A cet état de mort vigilante I sprayed it on and it did smell fairly dated. personally i detect more peach and orange blossom in this, at least at the beginning. Poème, Op. You have to remember when the so called old people wore it they were then young. I'm not a huge fan of alderhydic scents. I asked a friend of mine who was in the store with me at the time (male in his late 50s) - what he thought about the scent. It is the original and smells so lush with the slight siren call of the tuberose, but it is not nearly as overwhelming as Fracas. It was, at that time, a drugstore fragrance, like Gloria Vanderbilt, Charlie, etc. The drydown is the best part - it's sweet and musky, I can definitely feel the benzoin, gorgeous coconut and amber.

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